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How To Plan A Successful Fall Garden

1. Check out the list of choices for fall growing on our Zone 5 Planting Chart and decide how much room you have for each and what you’d like to be eating in fall.  VIEW CHART

2. Find some clean containers to plant in. You can use old cottage cheese and sour cream containers or one of the many organic containers we have onsite.

3. Invest in some good organic seed starting mix in order to give your seedlings the best chance of survival. Disease and fungus that knock out all your seedlings can lurk in old and reused soil.

4. Find a cool area where your containers can be out of the direct sun and seeds will have cool enough temperatures to germinate. You may have to bring them indoors if the weather is too hot outside for sprouting.

5. Fill your containers with the mix and soak it down for a day or two. The mix is very dry. If you try to plant your seeds straight in it without soaking the mix first, you won’t be able to get enough moisture for germination.

6. Plant your seeds according to packet instructions and water them well. Keep them very moist until germination and then make sure to keep a close eye on them until they get established. Brand new seedlings do not have established roots to find sources of moisture; they only have one tiny root and it needs to have access to water..