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Coastal Landscaping and Garden Center is the largest local grower and retailer of organic and natural products. We carry a full line of purely organic products:

Organic OMRI approved bagged Bumper Crop
Natural and organic insect controls from Bonide and Bayer to the
Organic fertilizers from Espoma and Coast of Maine

We also carry our synthetic products for those difficult or extreme situations.

We have a great selection of organic vegetable seeds and all our seeds and plants are non-GMO. We have grow light systems and bottom heated mats to aid in a good germination. Our seed starter mixes are OMRI approved to assure you start and maintain your organic process. Our organic fertilizers and organic disease and insect controls will let you finish off our garden knowing it is organic.

Stop in and view our choices:

Organic Seeds
Organic Fertilizer
Nature-friendly Pots
Nature-friendly Weed Control
Organic Fungicide
OMRI approved Soils