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Lawn Products

In our outside yard, we can load your vehicle with bagged products of Fafard complete mixes, topsoil, potting soil, manure and peat moss. We offer Coast of Maine potting soil, lobster compost and bumper crop. If you want the finishing touch to your garden, then add one of our bagged mulches from Jolly Gardener. We carry cocoa mulch and buckwheat hulls and 7 types of bagged decorative stone.

For your lawn, we have custom and regionally hardy common blend grass seed, lime, fertilizer and amending agents.

  • Black Gold
  • Purely Organic
  • Fafard
  • Coast of Maine
  • Old Castle
  • Jonathan Green
  • Master Nursery
  • Espoma
  • Miracle-Gro


  • Fall Fertilizer Natural and Synthetic
  • Wilt Stop
  • Burlap​​