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October To-Do List

  1. Remove sick plants. Destroy the debris to minimize next year’s issues with bugs, worms, and other pests and diseases.
  2. Pick up excess fruit. It’s important to take time to clean up any excess fruit from the ground. If you don’t it could bring pests and disease to your plants.
  3. Collect the Leaves. Shred them (lawnmower works great!) and add them to your compost or mulch your beds with them
  4. Stabilize woody plants. Identify any vulnerable limbs, removing broken or dead branches now to make sure winter weather doesn’t worsen things.
  5. Rake now. Do your heavy raking now—not in spring.
  6. Protect store weather-vulnerable pots and the tender plants in them.
  7.  Weed! Besides cleaning up around diseased plants, this is a giant “must.” Even if you can’t weed, exactly, deadhead your weeds now and discard the seeds. Fewer seeds now mean fewer weeds next year.
  8. Leave especially ornamental or wildlife-friendly plants standing.
  9. Fall is a great time to create new planting beds. No digging necessary! Just set your mower as low as it will go and scalp the grass, then cover the area with a thick layer of newspapers. Cover the papers with a layer of compost and top it all off with lots of chopped leaves. In the spring you’ll have a lovely new planting bed full of worms.
  10. While the mower is out, mow around the fruit trees one last time to discourage mice from nesting there.